Sales conditions

Everyday, our shipments of fresh fish arrive in Belgium which we deliver to our customers all across Europe. We cooperate only with leading logistic companies who follow our strict quality requirements throughout the process. Our main markets are Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain


'The reliability of deliveries plays a key role in Icemark's succes. We have scheduled arrivals of fresh fish from Iceland 6 days a week. When we moved into our new headquarter, we started our own production,  and we can now offer our clients a wider range of products.  The products are picked up by our own employees and in most cases we deliver our products within hours from their arrivals towards our customers. Therefore we can guarantee fresh products every day of the week.
Icemark Seafood fresh fish


We deliver throughout Belgium with our own trucks each day of the week, except Saturdays and Sundays.


We deliver each morning in Boulogne-sur-mer except Sundays. Upon request, we organize transport to Rungis and throughout France.

Icemark Seafood fresh fish


We deliver in Germany in Frankfurt at Perishable Centre Frankfurt, on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings. Upon request, we organize transport throughout Germany.


We deliver to Luxembourg three times per week, on Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings and Saturday mornings.

The Netherlands

We deliver to the Netherlands in Breskens on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Upon request, we organize transport throughout the Netherlands.


We deliver to Spain on Sunday nights in Madrid or Monday nights in Barcelona and on Wednesday evenings in Madrid or Thursday mornings in Barcelona.

Other countries

For other European countries, we can deliver according to the requirements of our clients and the respective possibilities.

Sales conditions

Orders should be placed in time, preferably by fax or e-mail and should be respected. We will send confirmations by fax or e-mail to each client at the latest on the evening before delivery.

All our clients are insured through Factoring companies. Before we make any regular delivery to a new client, we apply for a credit limit based on the expected turnover in 30 days. If your company is new or you expect that new financial reports improve your credit ratings, please assist us by providing the most recent financial report.

Terms of payment
All our clients are expected to pay their invoices on 30 days. This means that the payment needs to be in our bank account within 30 days after the date of invoice, which is always the date of delivery. Exceptions have to be negotiated especially on beforehand.

Conditions of delivery
All our prices are inclusive (VAT exclusive) and usually delivered to the client. Please take this into account when comparing with other prices, which may be FOB, CIF or DDP at some airport or other location.

Claims and refusals
As mentioned in the sales conditions on our invoices, all claims and refusals should be done at the moment of delivery, or no later than 24 hours after delivery by fax or e-mail, to the attention of the sales person in question. We perform very strict controls on all incoming products. If problems occur, we count on the full cooperation of our clients to inform us as soon as possible and help us first of all to limit the final damage. Icemark NV will take full responsibility to deliver only products of a good quality, and to accept any legitimate claim as long as it is done according to the right procedure. We are willing to discuss any specific needs, e.g. regarding packaging, labeling or even production method, but we cannot be responsible for not fulfilling these special requirements if they have not been agreed upon on beforehand.